35 Steps Bistro, Shibuya

35 Steps Bistro is a good example of a typical Tokyo Izakaya. It doesn’t have the intimacy of some independently owned places – this is more of a casual place to come with friends or colleagues for a casual dinner.

A bit hard to find the way but fantastic food and a genuine experience 5+35 steps under the street. This place is almost impossible to find. Actually, its easier to look for the Shibuya Hotel En. From the hotel lobby, ride the elevator to the basement.

The menu is in English, and quite descriptive, so you have a chance to order something you actually want to eat.

The atmosphere is vintage, old school with three kinds of seating arrangements : around a bar, where the chefs cook, zashiki (traditional low sunken tables) western conventional tables and chairs, so when you book, you can probably choose what you prefer.

The food is quite good, very varied and the portions are generous. Honestly, go with their best sellers you’ll do fine and enjoy yourself.

The dishes come one after the other, not simultaneously, so this gives you a chance to sample and share everything,which is a good way to enjoy Asian cuisine.

Highlight’s :- My personal favorite dish were Tuna Avocado with Garlic bread and Praw Chilli Mayo and fantastically fresh sashimi platter is sourced from Tsukiji everyday.

Mackerel tourched at the table at 35 Steps – Their most popular dish.

They have a good selection of Sake and Plum wine to compliment you meal.

Best of all, the bill is actually quite reasonable by Japanese standards. Budget:- 3000-4000 yen with dinner and lots of drinks!! 

Creme Brule for dessert – Some like it hot 😉

Details :- 

35 Steps Bistro

 Address:- 1-1 Marumayacho Shibuya, Tokyo

Phone:- +81-3-3770-9835 (No website)

Hours : 17:30-23:30



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