About Me

Hello there!  My name is Nishka Rangwani – A small town girl born in Surat, Gujarat from India. My journey to Tokyo has its own original masala and spice. I was born in a traditional orthodox family where I grew up only eating vegetarian food due to traditional values. Moreover, I was not exposed to alcohol as liquor has not been legally served in Gujarat, paying respect to the heritage of our beloved “Mahatma Gandhi” (his birthplace). Basically, I had limited access to bars and cocktails in my twenties. My intense passion for food/drinks is probably deeply rooted with a strong desire to see the world and get a taste of all the delicacies that my taste buds have been missing out all my adolescent years.

I moved to Tokyo, Japan seven years ago to live with my prince charming / husband.


By leveraging the traditional customs at home. I had a classic arrange marriage. I never visited Japan in my life before nor really lived abroad; so imagine taking a one way ticket to the other side of the world where the language and the culture is so rich with an absolute stranger – it has been one hell of a ride……..


‘’Food’’ has always played a major roles in our lives. We are a foodie family. Every morning when we get up, the first question is “what are we eating today?”.  Our lives rotate around food (We literally live to eat). Our family hobby is to try different restaurants so after indulging myself in local culture, and travelling around the world; I quickly realised the lack of International Food Bloggers in Tokyo compared to other major cities.

Being inspired with the recent wave in social media, I was encouraged to start a food blog in Tokyo by my family and friends to showcase the best places/restaurants on where to eat and drink in Tokyo.

Tokyo has been on the radar recently not just as an economic centre but as a ideal city to host International events such as the Rugby World cup and Tokyo Olympics in 2020. This city has it all – from hole in the wall places to most Michelin Star restaurants in the world.  From high end to very affordable cuisine –  personally, Tokyo is the “mecca” for food-lovers.

I am a Mother of a five year old daughter who is the apple of my eye and my priority.  So whenever I make the precious time, I am going to post on all restaurants and bars in Tokyo.  My USP will be that all my material will be in English from the ground, and it will  only be places that I personally visit myself!  I will also try to segregate the places by cuisine, atmosphere ( whether family friendly or not) and specialise in unique requests such as vegetarian and speak-easy places. My dream is for Tokyo Food Blogger to become the gateway to Tokyo’s dining for foreigners / tourists and a platform to showcase what this amazing city has to offer for an International audience. Irraishaimase!!!!