Ristorante Amoroso (Japanese Fusion Italian) is a 12 seat fine dining restaurant in Shinjuku where you sit comfortably at a bar and watch the owner/chef/sommelier (yes he does it all) and prepares the most amazing food I have eaten anywhere in the world!

From the minute you walk in you are pampered with fine tasting wines and food until the minute you leave.

It’s not just a dinner, this an experience! Multiple tastes will rock you up. A different wine for a different dish. Totally authentic!!!! ❤️

In between each course that is prepared in front of the guests, Chef Maeda san treats your pallets with small tastes of his many homemade pates, sauces and mouses etc….💗

You get a choice of mains and the rest is fixed as well as the wine pairing. There are four mains that we could choose from, Scallops, Lamb Rack, veal, or duck breast. I chose the lamb whilst my friends chose the rest… everything was on point!

Fantastic food, a fun chef/host and a terrific price. I’d recommend making a reservation around 6:30 pm as; then you will not be rushed at all. A steal at 10,000¥ per person.

If you are a vegetarian/vegan or if you have any food allergies you can let him know when you place a reservation a can let him know when you place a reservation and he will accommodate your needs. A real treat to visit Amoroso!!!





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