The Appolo, Ginza (Greek Restaurant)

  “The Appolo Ginza” is an award winning modern Greek restaurant from Sydney Australia located in the most famous ‘Tokyu Plaza’ in Ginza the most old school posh area of Japan. (Shopping Paradise) 😉 A fabulous slice of Mediterranean in the Land of the Rising Sun. The dining area was […]


NISSAN CROSSING CAFE’S Macchi-art in Ginza has the only state-of-the-art coffee machine that can duplicate anything you like in Chocolate dust on the froth of your cup of cappuccino.   Everything inside this building looks modern and high-tech. The cafe is located on the second floor and there are a few […]

Dazzle, Ginza

I can’t imagine how a place with a name as outrageous as ‘Dazzle’’ escaped my attention for so long. The establishment is well located in the heart of Ginza at the top of ‘’MIKIMOTO’’ building.  Amazing venue with its double height ceiling, intriguing windows and ‘’dazzle’’ factor ambiance. The elevator […]