Piccolo Grande, Azabujuban

I beleive that Italian is one of those cuisines where no matter how fancy the restaurant, one should feel comfortable walking in, finding a table and enjoying a hearty meal. Piccolo Grande is a nice cosy local Italian restaurant located in Azabujuban, Tokyo. It has the feel of neighborhood restaurant […]

Frijoles, Roppongi

So after an intense work out at Orange theory, I was stumbling upon where to go for lunch and where I can find something healthy and that’s satisfying on my tummy.. This place Frijoles is a little off the mainstreet but not too far from the subway station or Roppongi […]

Jasmine Thai, Roppongi

Jasmine Thai is located on a quiet street in Roppongi, on second floor. This place serves pretty decent Thai Food compared to most of the Thai restaurants in Tokyo. Nice environment, comfortable seating and tables. The menu choice is a little bit overwhelming – So I usually stick to the […]

Trattoria Marie e Monti, Nishi-azabu

There are many Italian restaurants in Tokyo but ‘Trattoria Marie e Monti’ is truly exceptional. In the kitchen they have the star chef Mitsunobu Suzuki who spent five years at La Bisbochia plus more recently two years in Italy with Antonio Connavacciulo. Cosimo or Luca the proprietors usually come with […]

Hainan Jeefan Shokudo, Roppongi

Taking a sweet lunch break after a nonstop weekend and before another busy week at Hainan Jeefan Shokudo. This is one of my go-to places for a quick lunch in Roppongi. They have two branches, One in Ebisu and one in Roppongi behind TSUTAYA. I love this restaurant set lunch […]

Bottega, Hiroo

Where do I start this review? Everyone keeps asking these days…What’s my favorite restaurant so far since I have started my Food blog. I have to admit, BOTTEGA (Michelin Star) located in Hiroo is my recent favourite Italian restaurant in Tokyo. Bottega Cucina  is a 12 seat counter seating casual/semi-formal restaurant […]

Pho Dragon, Nishi-azabu

Looking for authentic Vietnamese food in Tokyo? Pho Dragon is your place!!!! This little place is very close to Roppongi run by a Vietnamese woman. She can be a little bursque, but  she is actually really sweet. At lunch time the menu is only pho sets which come with a spring […]

Sushi Asaba, Nishi-azabu

I can’t believe I am going to share this secret sushi restaurant (introduced by my hubby) on my blog.   I think I visited this sushi place 5 years ago and since then I’ve been going to this place religiously every year at least twice. If you love the aesthetic […]

Suju Dining, Tokyo Midtown

Suju dining is located in Midtown Mall in Roppongi. It is an Izakaya but not in the traditional sense; very modern and spacious decor. It’s a great introduction to local cuisine for foreigners (gaijins) We always end up going there for lunch since it’s my little one’s favorite restaurant. It […]

La Bisboccia, Italian (Hiroo)

One of the finest Italian restaurants in Tokyo with an all Italian staff (this has now changed though the Italian barman remains). The food is authentic and favoured by many including the former Asia Pacific CEO for Lehman Brothers. The food is excellent, atmosphere is warm and place is colourful. It feels […]