Pho Dragon, Nishi-azabu

Looking for authentic Vietnamese food in Tokyo? Pho Dragon is your place!!!! This little place is very close to Roppongi run by a Vietnamese woman. She can be a little bursque, but  she is actually really sweet. At lunch time the menu is only pho sets which come with a spring […]

Sushi Asaba, Nishi-azabu

I can’t believe I am going to share this secret sushi restaurant (introduced by my hubby) on my blog.   I think I visited this sushi place 5 years ago and since then I’ve been going to this place religiously every year at least twice. If you love the aesthetic […]

Suju Dining, Tokyo Midtown

Suju dining is located in Midtown Mall in Roppongi. It is an Izakaya but not in the traditional sense; very modern and spacious decor. It’s a great introduction to local cuisine for foreigners (gaijins) We always end up going there for lunch since it’s my little one’s favorite restaurant. It […]

La Bisboccia, Italian (Hiroo)

One of the finest Italian restaurants in Tokyo with an all Italian staff (this has now changed though the Italian barman remains). The food is authentic and favoured by many including the former Asia Pacific CEO for Lehman Brothers. The food is excellent, atmosphere is warm and place is colourful. It feels […]


Gonpachi in Nishi-Azabu The ‘KILL BILL’ restaurant This restaurant inspired the location for the “Showdown at House of Blue Leaves” fight scene in Kill Bill Vol 1. The atmosphere was abuzz with diners soaking in the surroundings and the welcome greeting from the staff every time a group was brought […]

Toriyoshi (Yakitori, Nishi-azabu)

TORIYOSHI is a great causal Yakitori place with delicious ingredients and still maintaining the artisan spirit.This place is a bit inconspicuous from the outside, it’s below ground and in one of the back streets of Nishi-Azabu. The best thing about Toriyoshi is it’s neither expensive or exclusive as it sounds. […]

Cocktail Gastronomy Kyu Yasui Tokyo

That moment when your cocktail 🍹 is more beautiful than you!!!! This Bar is every cocktail lovers dream! I discovered this place “KYU YASUI” located in Nishi-azabu, Tokyo on Facebook and as I love cocktails 🍹 I thought why not check it out ??? They have lot of unusual combinations of […]

Bricolage Bread & Co. (Roppongi)

  If you are looking for a place to do brunch around Roppongi, Tokyo, I would definitely recommend getting over to this beautiful new bakery @bricolage_bread_and_company for a brunch that won’t disappoint. Here’s why you should visit :- The team behind the project consists of Shinobu namae (name) of Leffervescence […]

Hona Azabu Okonomiyaki, Hiroo

This is probably the closest Okonomiyaki place to Roppongi Hills. Its right down the street from Grand Hyatt – walking towards Hiroo. Just FYI – I have passed this restaurant a million times in 8 years but never been until my friend recommended this place just couple days ago. I […]


STEAKHOUSE is not a good description. Teppanyaki with incredible steak would be more to the point. This place is real old school Tokyo establishment which means it has all private rooms with private grills and private chefs. Impeccable service, phenomenal food and high prices of course 🙂 Make sure you have an […]