Chez Oliver, Chiyoda-ku

Chez Olivier

Chez Oliver is a wonderful French (Michelin star ) restaurant located in Ichigaya, Tokyo. The restaurant Chez Olivier, which in French means the “House of Olivier,” was opened in 2009 by chef-owner, Olivier Oddos, for guests to enjoy typical French in a relaxed atmosphere.

Honestly, its a shame I only discovered this place recently. A true delight in every way : taste, presentation, quality, service in simple relaxed cozy atmosphere.

We went for lunch and its definitley of great value. Each dish is carefully crafted and beautifully presented – simply perfect.. Just a head’s up – It’s on the pricer end if you want a proper French cusine experience. Chef Olivier and his sommelier wife Aurélie were very friendly! Definitely worth the star!

The restaurant uses only the finest ingredients. The vegetables, most of which are organic, come from small growers all over Japan. Because Chef Olivier believes authentic tastes are essential, he is careful to make everything home-made.

Nothing is made ahead of time. After an order is placed, Olivier and his staff will prepare the dishes. Olivier wants his guests to taste the flavors of the season, not only on special occasions, but everyday—just as naturally as breathing fresh air. So each day, the dishes at Chez Olivier take full advantage of what the seasons have to offer.

Snail ravioli’s, abalone, Pan- fried Foei gras, mushrooms, and Yuzu-kosho stock
Black Truffle Macaroon , duck Foei gras coated with truffle ,grape must syrup chattily.

It is conspicious that Chef Oliver is a master of his craft. To be able to create such a delicasy is unique gift not only the taste is celestal feast to the tongue but the design of served food is a master piece on its own.


Rating:- 4.5/5

Address:- 1F 4-chome-1-10 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-city. Tokyo-to 102-0074

Price:- 3600 Yen – 5900 Yen for lunch (excluding taxes and alcohol)

Dinner:- 5000Yen onwards……..(excluding taxes, alcohol)

Make sure your wallets are full to enjoy the top notch experience~

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