Fauchon Le Cafe Paris, Nihombashi

If you like all things pink then you’ll love this Tea House  – FAUCHON le cafe located in new Takashimaya that has recently opened in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.

They have internal seating as well as outside, whilst it is extremely pleasant to sit outside and watch the world go by when the sun is shining.

In summary, it’s fun for an hour or so, and provides a good place to rest your feet and grab a drink .. but in my opinion it’s not a location for an evening out especially if the sun isn’t shining.

Since it was my first time visiting Fauchon le cafe and I don’t have a sweet tooth, I opted for a chicken  filet lunch set 1500¥ which was pretty average in my opinon. They could have done better!

I would recommend this cafe-  If you get too tired in midst of your shopping spre and need a coffee/tea/ break when in Takashimaya!



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