Fuku Yakitori, Yoyogi-uehara

You will never know just how good grilled meat on skewers can be until you visit Fuku, a Yakitori (grilled chicken) restaurant located in Yoyogi-uehara.

A cosy little restaurant with four tables and a counter. Nevertheless, the menu offerings at Fuku are rather innovative so apart from the usual offerings, do remember to throw in some of their house specials.

Sensibly, (given the growing number of expats living in the area) there is a bilingual menu.

First off, the classics. Neginiku (leg meat and leek, often called ”Negima”) was perfectly salted, with sweet flavour of the leek beautifully complimenting the tender meat.

Tsukune (minced chicken balls) was a juicy and wonderfully charred mixture of lean and fatty mince with small bits of nankotsu  (cartilage) added for texture.

Tebasaki (chicken wings) combined the crunchiest skin imaginable with meat that was melt-in-the-mouth succulence itself.

Time for some healthy vegetables 😉 Those arrived in the form of asparagus and green pepper, with the delightfully crunchy asparagus wrapped in somewhat less healthy, but very tasty,crispy and charred bacon.

Chicken neck (SASERI) :- Fuku’s speciality and their most popular dish.

My personal favourite was – Cheese stuffed peppers rolled in bacon.

And you must remember to leave some space for Fuku’s smoked cheese skewers! They are DA BOMB and my fave part of the meal.

Have you ever heard of Ochazuke?? (Japanese soup rice)

Ochazuke is a simple Japanese dish made by pouring green tea, hot water over cooked rice. Common toppings include Japanese pickles, ume (plum), Nori (seaweed), and wasabi. It’s a great way to finish off your meal with Ochazuke because its gentle on the digestive system, it cam be eaten to sooth an upset stomach, heartburn or even as cold remedy or hangover cure.

All this wonderful food comes at surprisingly decent prices, mostly 250 yen per skewer. Drinks are also mostly inexpensive with the decent selection of wines.

I’ve been to so many Yakitori joints in Tokyo, but taste wise I think, I know of no better place than Fuku.

Fuku is about 3-4 minutes wall from Yoyogi-uehara station. Its definitely worth phoning ahead to reserve your place at the counter.

Details :- FUKU

Address: 3-23-4 Nishihara, Yoyogi-uehara, Tokyo Japan

Telephone: 03-485-3234


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