Hocus Pocus, Nagatacho

”Hocus Pocus” means magic in English. The shop is just all about that! Doughnuts may not be the healthiest option to eat, but they might just be what your brain needs. They have an ample amount of sugar which is great for concentration. Among the places in Japan which serve great doughnuts and coffee, Tokyo is one of the best. Doughnuts in Tokyo are not only delicately made but are delicious as well

The Doughnuts offered in ” Hocus Pocus” are made from the finest ingredients. They are beautifully crafted and are paired with coffee. They look like hand-baked cakes but and taste like magic. The shop considers itself as a doughnut laboratory. They continuously create doughnuts by frying, baking and steaming them. My favourite one was of course the strawberry chocolate flavour!!

You can also have a special cup of coffee which is from the Little Nap Coffee stand. They use only highly recommended beans. Honestly, Its the best coffee I’ve had so far in Tokyo. No jokes!!!!

Eat-in: The inside of the shop is spacious and I’ve never seen it  crowded so its a place where you can spend some comfortable quality time while enjoying your doughnut and sipping on coffee!

If you are in Chiyoda-area, a visit to HOCUS POCUS is a must!! They are open until 7 pm, making this a great spot for a morning, afternoon, or pre-dinner sweet treat.

Details :

Hocus Pocus / Little Nap Coffee Stand Donuts & Coffee
Website :- http://www.hocuspocus.jp

Address :- 2-5-3 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo (Nagatacho Station)


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