Nomad Grill Lounge, Akasaka

Time alone with my husband is a necessity. Date night isn’t about getting rid of our kids; it’s about appreciating our marriage and each other.

This restaurant ‘Nomad Grill Lounge’ is just about 15 min walking distance from our house in Akasaka.

Realizing Japanese hospitality and cuisine you can only find in Tokyo, NoMad Grill lounge is a steakhouse showing off the quality of Japanese ingredients, and a rooftop bar and lounge – a grown-up gathering space in the heart of the city.

Nomad Grill Lounge’s cuisine is a base of French-Italian and they provide the best ingredients from all of Japan and the world.

They have a rooftop terrace, apparently the largest in Tokyo. It’s a great spot for dates and anniversaries as well as parties.

Children are allowed at lunch and they have a separate kids menu which is awesome!

We tried tried their ‘Grilled aging Japanese Beef’ The steak was very tender, juicy and cooked to perfection.The meat here is specially aged in NoMad’s purpose-built meat cellar, before being cooked to perfection on a grill that can reach up to 900 degrees, searing the meat and locking in maximum flavour in the process.

The bread they served was in block form with branding of their name – Nomad Super cool!!

The Chocolate fondant cake was out of the world!!!


Overall good food and great location!!! Price typical for a fine steak house.

Rating : 3/5

Details :-

Address :- 3 Kioicho | Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho 4F, Chiyoda 102-0094

Telephone :- +81 3-5226-1129

Website :-



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