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November 2018 Monthly Finds

As they say ” A champagne a day keeps the doctor away” Enjoying some ‘me’ time at Strings Omotesando.The ”Cafe & Dining Zelkova” is a restaurant with a quite seating area on the terrace right next to the tree lined Omotesando Avenue. If you fancy a cup of tea or coffee […]

Bareburger, Ginza

One of the best organic burgers I have had in a while is at Bareburger Ginza in the New Tokyu Plaza in Ginza. Originally from NewYork.. They aim to provide healthy and organic burgers using eco-friendly ingredients. They also have a veggie patty for vegetarians and vegan customers. We called […]

Taco Fanatico, Nakameguro

Let’s taco-bout my dinner last night 😉 This New Mexican restaurant could be described as a taco-bar opened about 2-3 weeks ago in Nakameguro, Tokyo. Taco-Fanatico is all about thinking outside the box : expect to find authentic Mexican taste in handmade tacos 🌮 but be prepared to see your […]

Manpuku, Aoyama (Korean BBQ)

Manpuku, which means “to be happy with a full stomach in Japanese”. MANPUKU first opened its doors 60 years ago, providing premium Japanese yakiniku dining, with the signature salted beef tongue with Tokyo green onion and black wagyu beef being customer favorites. MANPUKU offers carefully selected premium meats and fresh […]

Aponte, Ebisu

This is one of my favorite Japanese- Inspired Italian restaurant in Ebisu, Tokyo (Few blocks from Westin Tokyo and Yebisu Garden place). The restaurant is very chic, cool and laid-back but serves up delicious food and amazing wine plus they are vegetarian friendly. The service is outstanding, and the kitchen […]

Djangos, Akasaka

This small neighbourhood spot ‘Djangos’ located in between Tokyo Midtown and Akasaka severs good, Californian style cuisine and reasonably priced New World wines. Their menu/food is hard to categorise. I think its easiest to call it ‘international’ – a mixture of Japanese, Italian and Californian. The great thing about this […]

Azuma Teppanyaki, Harajuku

  Steakhouse AUZMA is a small Teppanyaki restaurant located in Harajuku. Its a great place to have decent quality beef cooked in Teppan style if you are in the are and looking to have local Teppanyaki experience at a decent price. Kusumoto-san is a great chef and also has a […]

Fauchon Le Cafe Paris, Nihombashi

If you like all things pink then you’ll love this Tea House  – FAUCHON le cafe located in new Takashimaya that has recently opened in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. They have internal seating as well as outside, whilst it is extremely pleasant to sit outside and watch the world go by when the […]

La Bisboccia, Italian (Hiroo)

One of the finest Italian restaurants in Tokyo with an all Italian staff (this has now changed though the Italian barman remains). The food is authentic and favoured by many including the former Asia Pacific CEO for Lehman Brothers. The food is excellent, atmosphere is warm and place is colourful. It feels […]

Bar Watershed, Akasaka

BAR WATERSHED I loved grape juice,soda,and grape candy as a kid. As an adult I kind of left them behind because they were too sweet. Then, one day, I discovered that adding some booze fixed that problem. Now finally Bar Watershed I get to enjoy this “Purple Nagano” cocktail and I […]