Sunaba, Toranomon

This two-story wooden building commands a corner on a Toranomon back street where it feels like time has stopped. Inside, the brightly lit interior gives the restaurant a more modern feel—standard tables and chairs are on the first floor and tatami seating on the second. The menu is classic soba, with a dipping sauce that leans toward the sweet side without being cloying.

I  am not a big fan of Soba honestly, so I opted for TEMPURA TENDON – Vegetarian Tempura bowl at Sunaba.
Tempura battered mushrooms,eggplant,sweet potato, and asparagus on top of a bed of rice paired with soy sauce dip.
The tempura batter was thinner, crispier and did not have white flourish underside which you get normally get. This place is famous for soba 🍜 and Tendon bowls.

They have a couple locations in Tokyo and Yokohama but apparently the one in Akasaka is supposed to be the best!! I can’t wait to try the Akasaka one so stay tuned!


ADDRESS :- 1-10-6 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo-to 105-0001

Phone :- 03-3501-9661



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