Tokyo Sundubu, Shinjuku

Summer is sadly waving us goodbye… and although by this time many have given up on their diets 😉 we should never give up on good nutrition. Stay tuned, I have lots of new, exciting and nutrition packed items under development 😉

‘Tokyo Sundubu’ is located in Shinjuku very close to Isetan department store. It is a small restaurant in the basement. It specializes in Korean Tofu Spicy Hotpot Sundubu Jigae. Sundubu is a type of Korean Jiiigae featuring tofu cooked with a variety of ingredients such as vegetables, meat and seafood.


This dish gained popularity after a restaurant specialising in Sundubu opened in Los Angeles by Korean immigrant.

You can arrange the stew from a lot of options mof ingredients like vegetables, sea-food, meat etc.

The restaurant offers Sundubu set meal which includes a hot pot, rice and 3 small appetizers and a dessert 🍮 You can also choose the spice level from 6 degrees. Average price for Sundubu set is – 1000¥ -1500¥.
Capsaicin is a compound present in spicy red peppers 🌶 and that’s the secret ingredient in the soup base. It helps promote circulation and enhance metabolism.

All the dishes are not only delicious but healthy and nutritionally well-balanced. This is my go-to place in Shinjuku for lunch!!!


Tokyo Sundubu Shinjuku East Gate Branch

Open: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Closed: None (Closed at the beginning and end of the year)
Average price: [Dinner] 2,500 JPY / [Lunch] 900 JPY
Address: B1F, Daini Takano Bldg., 3-30-11, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo



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