Tokyo’s Finest Yakitori Delights

Tokyo Food Blogger’s favorite Yakitori spots

Can’t wait to try Yakitori grilled chicken on your trip to Japan? This seemingly simple dish of bite-sized pieces of grilled chicken on wooden skewers is on its way to becoming the next hit cuisine from Japan after sushi and Ramen. In this guide, I’ll take you through some of my personal favorite Yakitori places in Tokyo!!!

  1. FUKU

You will never know just how good grilled meat on skewers can be until you visit FUKU, a Yakitori restaurant located in Yoyogi-uehara. High quality and incredible taste for sure, is in my top five Yakitori joints I have eaten so far in Tokyo. Hard to make reservations since its a small cozy restaurant and is gaining popularity lately.

Why go? Go for Green stuffed pepper rolled in Bacon, Camembert smoked cheese and Tsukune.

2. Toriyoshi

Toriyoshi is a great casual Yakitori place with delicious ingredients and still maintaining the artisan spirit. The place is a bit inconspicious from the outside, its below ground and in one of the back streets of Nishiazabu. The best thing about Toriyoshi is its neither expensive or exclusive as it sounds. On weekends, you are just likely to find yourself sitting along dating couples or even family groups of three of four children in a tow.

Like any other Yakitori restaurant they serve every imaginable part of the chicken grilled in front of you on skewers. They also have a great selection of vegetables grilled on skewers. And, if you are up for a gastronomic challenge. you should definitely try their choichi ( their speciality)

Why go?? Go for their Chicken wings, Tsukune and Ginko nuts.

4-Chome-2-6, Tokyo-to,Nishiazabu, Minato-city

3. Kushimura

I have been going to Kushimura (Yakitori) for years either with friends, business or on my own. I personally love the location since its located in the heart of Roppongi. We usually sit at the bar seating area to get a front row show to see the chef doing his grilling magic. They do have a few tables and private room as well. The service is always excellent and can speak basic english required to support foreigners.

Why go? Go for their stuffed mushrooms with minced meat, Chicken wings and Cheese-P ( is a must if you like Bacon & cheese)

4. Agatha ( Kushi-yaki restaurant)- 4-12-7 Minato-city 106-0032

What is the difference between Kushi-yaki and Yakitori?

The oldest and the most common type of Kushiyaki is ‘ Yakitori’ or grilled chicken skewers. Yakitori features various parts sourced from the entire chicken. Where as in Kushi-yaki, in addition to grilled chicken skewers, there are pork skewers, pork belly (buta bara) and Nerima (pork with leek), Beef skewers include juicy cuts of steak and thinly sliced beef tongue. In addition to meat, there are plenty of seafood offerings such as fish fillets, squid, shrimp, octopus and scallops. Practically, any vegetables, such as Japanese green pepper (shishto) onions, shiitake mushrooms and even items like cheese and avocado can be skewered and served Kushiyaki style.

AGATHA is one of my favorite ‘Kushi-yaki’ restaurant (Izakaya style) located in Midtown, Roppongi. Serving 40 kinds of charcoal grilled skewers including vegetable skewers. Also they have a good selection of sake to enjoy with your meal! Reasonably priced!

Why go? Beef skewer, cheese pork, and Asparagus pork

4. Jomon –

‘JOMON’ Roppongi is an Izakaya (Japanese pub) style restaurant and serves some of the best Yakitori located just far away from the craziness of the main drag of Roppongi. JOMON stands out as an ideal destination for both tourist and locals alike. The most popular seats are on the front counter where you can order directly to the chefs. You can see the chef grilling the skewers, as well as see the selection of food display. So easy to just point whatever you want to eat. YES!! It’s noisy, smoky, cramped and super busy!!! Is it everything you want in a great Izakaya?

The best part is it opens until 5:00am, so don’t worry about missing the last train. And, forgot to mention there’s plenty of vegetarian options and you can get by without speaking Japanese if need be. Start drinking all night!!! YAY!!!

Why go??? Go for the ambiance, the AAA Wagyu Beef steak (it will melt-in-your-mouth) Potato Croquette and cheese skewers!


Situated halfway between Shibuya and Harajuku in a quiet street from Meiji Dori, ‘TRUNK HOTEL’ has recently refurbished (TRUNK KUSHI) restaurant conveniently located at street level as an outside extension of the main building. The decor does a fantastic job of adding subtle nods to its roots, brushed wood interior walls and steel topped tables. The restaurant specializes in Yakitori (grilled chicken skewers). Lively atmosphere, lots of trendy people (which is why i like this place) The portions are relatively smaller but prices are reasonable.

Why go? They offer a free flow drink option for 1800Yen and apart from all the delicious skewers my personal favorite dish was – Fried Veggie Ramen with Hachiko sauce (absolute must try) and don’t forget to head to check out ‘TRUNK BAR’ inside Trunk hotel for some great cocktails!

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